Environmental Policy

WINDOW CLEANERS.ORG recognises that its business activities have direct and indirect impacts on the environment.

It is our intention to operate our business in a manner sensitive to the environment, to conserve natural resources, reduce waste,reduce our carbon footprint, and to prevent pollution to land, water and air.

WINDOW CLEANERS.ORG regards the promotion of an environmental strategy as a key element in operating a successful business.

WINDOW CLEANERS.ORG appreciates that it has a responsibility to work mutually with customers and service partners to deliver continual improvements in environmental performance.


The Company

In order to ensure that these objectives are met, WINDOW CLEANERS.ORG  will:Implement all reasonable measures to comply with relevant environmental legislation and other requirementsStrive to make continual improvements in environmental performance, including the establishment of relevant objectives and targets

Provide adequate resources, including the maintenance of working groups, to enable environmental objectives to be developed and delivered

Take appropriate steps to prevent pollution and minimise our negative impacts on the environment and to conserve natural resources

Introduce appropriate forms of instruction, information, training and supervision to enable employees to assist us in meeting our objectives

Work with customers and service partners to develop mutual solutions to improve environmental performance, where appropriate

Introduce suitable arrangements to allow for communication and discussion on environmental matters, including public reporting of our environmental performance

Undertake an annual review of our objectives, targets and performance, and where necessary, update this policy and any relevant procedures

Environmental Policy Statement Version 1 January 2014


Employees at all levels must recognise that they have an important part to play in the success of this policy, by:

Complying with all WINDOW CLEANERS.ORG  environmental procedures and guidelines

Taking all reasonable care to prevent harm to the environment

Ensuring that all environmental incidents are promptly reported


Improved environmental performance can only achieved if suppliers adopt similar policies. Where appropriate, WINDOW CLEANERS.ORG will expect its suppliers to:

Develop and implement an effective environmental policy

Comply with all relevant environmental legislation

Comply with WINDOW CLEANERS.ORG and/or local site rules or conditions

Take reasonable steps to prevent environmental damage and to conserve resources from their activities

Ensure that all of their plant and equipment is properly maintained without risks to the environment

Co-operate fully with the nominated WINDOW CLEANERS.ORG representative including the prompt reporting of all environmental incidents

Strive for continual improvement in their own performance on the area of environmental management

Nick Lewis


January 5th 2014


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